VR startup AutoVRse secures $2M in seed funding led by Lumikai

AutoVRse Team

Bangalore based Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) startup AutoVRse has secured $2 million in seed funding round led by Lumikai. Angel investor Yash Kotak, Founder and CEO of Jumper.ai and Rajat Monga, co-founder of TensorFlow and Inference.io and Viswanathan Krishnamurthi, ex-CIO/VP at Yahoo & Eaton also participated in this round.

The funds will be utilized to further enhance AutoVRse’s foundational enterprise product, “VRseBuilder”. It will also help AutoVRse expand its team with top-tier talent, and spearhead expansion efforts in the United States and expand their product suite.

The company also plans to set up a B2B sales team in the US to drive qualified lead generation and facilitate market expansion.

The company said VRseBuilder is “an end-to-end modular technology stack and SAAS platform to integrate VR into workflows of industries like manufacturing, construction, engineering, oil and gas, automotive, replacing ineffective manual instruction and/or expensive simulation techniques for purposes ranging from safety training, to sales and collaborative remote work.”

VRseBuilder offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including a VR content library, a VR-native Learning Management System, a deployment platform, and a Unity SDK with a user-friendly no-code editor. This modular approach enables enterprises to embrace VR technology for purposes such as training, design, and sales, thereby enhancing efficiency and safety while reducing costs.

Ashwin Jaishanker, and Adarsh Muthappa, Co-founders of AutoVRse, “Virtual Reality (VR) wields transformative potential across diverse industries. Our enterprise solutions offer a world-class, ready to use, modular technology stack with SAAS-enabled deployment for purposes ranging from worker safety training, to sales training and remote work design collaborations. An example of the real-world impact of our VR tech was our partnership with UltraTech Cements, where we deployed VR safety training modules across 51 plants in India and trained 50,000+ workers in VR—reducing factory incidents and saving lives. We leverage our in-house game studio to test, iterate, experiment and deliver immersive and cutting-edge innovative experiences for our enterprise clients. This cutting-edge research and cross-pollination of technology has also helped us create an immersive gaming experience with an original IP like District M.  Our vision is to build a foundational VR-OS (VR operating system) for enterprises, alongside world-class, meaningful, social, and fun experiences for consumers.”

Salone Sehgal, Founding General Partner of Lumikai, said, “AutoVRse’s technology and solutions for enterprises, compete with the global best. Their focus on innovation and providing scalable, VR-led solutions for very real problems facing heavy industries, coupled with their innovative, state-of-the-art gaming studio, is a powerful combination—paving their rise to becoming a world leader in the VR space. At Lumikai, we are super excited to be lead investors and partner with Ashwin, Adarsh, and the AutoVRse team to build a world-class, enduring AR/VR company.”

Yash Kotak, Founder and CEO of Jumper.ai, who said “Jumping into AutoVRSe was a no brainer. Right from the get-go with the founders and the team, I could feel the energy, the focus, and that unstoppable drive to conquer the VR scene. With its fundamentally strong tech, flawless execution, and a sky-high market potential, investing was a total blast from day one.”

Co-founder of TensorFlow and Inference.io, Rajat Monga, also added “AR/VR is where we are all headed, and with Oculus Quest (and now Apple Vision Pro), people think of consumer apps. I loved how Ashwin and the team understood the space and focused on enabling enterprises to bring their ideas to reality.”


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