Finance sector’s AI spending to grow 30% yearly, hit $97B in 2027

Finance sector's AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing business operations in the finance industry. Despite concerns about potential 300 million full-time jobs displacement in the next six years, companies across sectors continue investing heavily in AI solutions to improve their business processes and customer feedback.

According to data from, financial firms will spend $45.2 billion on AI in 2024. This spending will grow by 30% each year, reaching $97 billion by 2027.

AI has made a big difference in finance. It helps companies predict their future earnings and profits more accurately. Also, AI can find fraud in large amounts of financial data. Many companies use AI to check contracts and invoices, which makes decisions faster and improves the whole process.

Collaborative data from Statista, the IMF, and IDC reveal that financial companies are expected to spend $45.2 billion on AI solutions this year. By 2025, spending on AI will reach $58.3 billion.

AI spending in finance will keep growing. In 2026, it will be almost $75.2 billion or $30 billion more than this year. By 2027, it will reach $97 billion, showing a huge 177% increase in just four years. Overall, financial companies will spend $275 billion on AI in the next four years.

AI can also boost the financial market’s growth rate. According to a study by Accenture and Frontier Economics, AI can potentially increase economic growth rates by a weighted average of 1.7% points across 16 industries by 2035.

Financial companies that use AI well could see their profits go up by 38%. It can increase their growth rates by 4.3% and boost their value by $1.2 trillion by 2035.

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