TiE Mumbai Celebrates Women Entrepreneurs on IWD

International Women's Day
Image by Freepik

To celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD), TiE Mumbai honors women entrepreneurs for their contributions to India’s startup scene. Leaders from various sectors recognize their role in driving innovation and growth, highlighting the need for continued support and empowerment.

Naveen Raju, Executive Director- TiE Mumbai, said, “As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we are reminded of the immense talent, strength, and resilience of women entrepreneurs. TiE Mumbai is committed to empowering and supporting women on their entrepreneurial journeys, and we believe that by harnessing their potential, we can drive sustainable economic growth and create a more equitable society.”

Devangi Parekh, Managing Director, AzaFashions.com, said, “Women’s representation is paramount in fostering an inclusive and innovative future. At Aza Fashions, we recognize the invaluable contributions women make to our success. From leadership roles to every facet of our organization, women bring diverse perspectives, talents, and insights that enrich our workplace and drive innovation. As we continue to expand as the premier destination for luxury designer creations, catering to a global audience of women, we are committed to championing forward-looking policies of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities for all.”

Chris George, Co-Founder & CEO QubeHealth stated, “At QubeHealth, we celebrate Women’s Day every day, reflecting our commitment to a workplace where diversity thrives. Nearly 50% of our team consists of women, and we are proud to have Director Priyanka leading critical business functions within the company. Our perspective on equality goes beyond merely mirroring male roles; it is about recognizing and respecting the unique strengths and skills that women bring to our team.”

“Women entrepreneurs are aggressively changing the ecosystem by spearheading profitable businesses, expanding their footprints, and designing unique business models. We at Azent, India’s leading study abroad platform, ensure holistic growth for our women employees by investing in, strengthening, and supporting important milestones and career development for them. From mentorship programs for women, to embracing hybrid work, to emphasizing equal pay and addressing gender bias, our inclusive workplace policies enable young women to realize their potential.” said Priyanka Nishar, Founder & Managing Director- Azent Overseas Education.

“From dorm room dreams to a nationwide impact, Adapt Wellness is not just a startup; it is a mental health care revolution to support student wellness. By adapting to individuals’ unique journeys, we empower them to adapt to their own challenges. Together, we are reshaping the narrative around mental well-being. Platforms like TiE that helped us connect with various women founders who uplift and support the growth of one another, have immensely enriched our journey!” said Preet Bhatti, Co- Founder, Adapt Wellness.