42% techies say proving AI solutions’ value is biggest hurdle in implementation

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer in the business world, offering transformative opportunities for organizations worldwide.

However, the implementation of AI has its own challenges, and according to the latest survey, proving the value of AI solutions to businesses might be the biggest one.

According to the data from NoKyc.com, 42% of IT professionals believe this is the leading challenge in AI implementation.

A recent survey conducted by Coleman Parkes found that 42% identified proving the value of AI solutions as the biggest hurdle in implementing them. The survey polled 1420 IT professionals and was published on Statista.com.

While proving value tops the list, other challenges also came to light:

• 38% of respondents cited a lack of tech infrastructure as an issue.

• 32% identified the storage of skilled AI talent as a challenge.

• 24% noted a lack of clean data.

• 22% expressed a general lack of trust towards AI-based decisions.

• 19% highlighted concerns about algorithm/model failure.

• Additionally, the inability to find the right data was a concern for 17% of respondents.

• 14% also expressed concerns about legal or compliance issues.

• ‘Lack of skills to exploit the results’ was cited as a hurdle by 11%.

• ‘Lack of clarity on success metrics’ was mentioned by 9%.

• ‘Lack of new use cases across the business’ garnered 7% of the votes.

In contrast, very few IT professionals complained about a lack of funding or commitment from senior management. Only 5% cited a lack of funding as a hurdle, and just 4% complained about the lack of commitment from senior management.

You can find the original story with graphs and statistics here: https://nokyc.com/blog/42-it-professionals-say-proving-value-of-ai-solutions-biggest-hurdle-in-implementation/