About Us

Are you one among the 80 percent of startups that is yet to see the light of the day, on a shoestring budget and unable to splurge on PR and marketing? Are you one among those startups that have not survived in the dog-eat-dog startup market? Do you want the world to hear the inspiring stories of you pangs and pains and struggles that you have faced during the course of building your venture?
Here we are. To spread your stories of grit and determination amid all the odds. Let the world know of your products and struggles. We are not here just to tell the stories of successful startups. We are here for those who are struggling to draw the attention of the who’s of who of the startup world.
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Our Story

We are bunch of veteran journalists with experience spanning visual, digital, and print media. After spending a considerable part of our career writing for the destitute and the marginalised, and chronicling their struggles, we have now decided to take the path of struggles and challenges ourselves by delving into entrepreneurship.

We started our professional career at different parts of India. But we always nursed a dream of starting our own media company. After treading different paths in life, a phone call from one of us got us together and we finally plunged to a world where ‘nothing is impossible’!

Team Startagist

We are a passionate young team with a wealth of knowledge about the Indian startup ecosystem

Sujith Nair

Founder & CEO

Media Professional | Journalist turned Digital Entrepreneur. Worked in Television, Radio, Print and Digital Media. A decade experience in Broadcast Journalism, and reported Political, Business, Science & Tech, Sports & Entertainment stories. Passionate in Music and Film Making.

Sainul Abudheen K

Co-Founder & Editor

A crazy startup enthusiast, Sainul has been covering the startup industry in India for the past 5-6 years. He loves to write about entrepreneurs, profile their startups, chronicle their struggles, their fundraising, product launch etc. A highly networked journalist, he has interviewed some big shots in the industry.

Welcome to the world of crazy startuppers

Startagist is not just another blog. Our vision is to become an end-to-end platform for talented young entrepreneurs. We cover startups, funding, M&As, news, product launches, digital media trends, etc.

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