Energy forecasting firm for solar plants secures investment Team Team, an energy forecasting company for solar plants and battery storage, has announced the closure of its seed funding with India Quotient.

It will use the money to expand and accelerate its growth, in addition to enhancing the technology infrastructure of deep-tech models and algorithms used for energy generation forecasting. will also expand its cloud infrastructure to meet the increasing demand and ensure scalability.
A significant portion will be invested towards research and development to improve the accuracy and reliability of the forecasts and grow the existing customer base.

The firm also plans to expand its operations to Europea and US and build a strong team of professionals specializing in data science, engineering, and business development.

Furthermore, it will develop and automate energy scheduling and trading processes to provide additional value to our customers.

The new deal aligns with’s long-term strategy of expanding into new markets, improving its product offerings, and establishing itself as a trusted solution provider for renewable energy companies. The company also aims to attract strategic partnerships with energy firms, exchanges, utility providers, and technology companies operating in the solar forecasting industry.


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