SkillingIndia Launches Career Development Skilling Program ‘YourSkillDost’

SkillingIndia Launches ‘YourSkillDost’, a Holistic Career Development Skilling Program
SkillingIndia Launches ‘YourSkillDost’, a Holistic Career Development Skilling Program

With significantly increasing focus on specialised skills needed for career and job success in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) world amidst a growing competition from day zero of any job, a lot of confusion is in the minds of students about their career goals and the required skills that can help them to achieve those. Students either don’t have the necessary information to decide this, or there is too much information available making it impossible for the student to know what is important. More than that, students are ignorant about their own understanding in terms of strengths, weaknesses, interests – and how to build on the same. Keeping these challenges in mind, SkillingIndia, a new age Employability & Career Growth Skills development organization, has launched ‘YourSkillDost’, an innovative & uniquely designed Holistic Career Development Skilling Program with an active participation of industry experts and academia to build relevant skills amongst students across streams pan India.

In the words of Neeraj Kumar, Founder & CEO SkillingIndia, “During interaction with thousands of students on Career Skills, these questions were found unanswered –  “What do you want to become and what is the Right Job role choice given too many options? What does Industry need and different Skills to Learn to be ‘Future Ready’ for Success ? 85% of the students in college reachout explicitly stated that they needed help with Industry aligned Career & Skills Trends, Career Discovery Counselling & suitable Skills to get their best jobs. The gap is a strong indicator of the realization among the youth that they need to develop a comprehensive set of skills. However they face challenges in knowing what all they can learn and how it would help them”.

In the words of Manish Chowdhary, Founder & Director SkillingIndia, “In today’s world – it is a necessity to know the necessary map for your career & associated skills.YourSkillDost is designed to address this burning need of all the students in the country in an easy and effective manner.

Career is not just finding the ‘Right Job’, but an understanding that it requires high performance and growth at each and every level.  During this journey, different skills become useful at different times. Thus it is necessary to understand these skills as early as possible, and build the desired skills as the earliest.”

YourSkillDost can be availed by all the college students across streams including MBA, BBA, B.Com, B.Tech/ BE etc. The students can opt for a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly subscription program and can learn as per individual convenience. The program would cover interactive workshops and sessions on relevant career skills trends and learning paths, effective communication skills, corporate etiquette, conflict management, public speaking, aptitude for competitive exams; critical thinking, problem solving, leadership skills, understanding  emotions, managing stress, resume building, group discussions, job portals, management basics, entrepreneurship, among others.

These programs or curriculum has been designed by Industry and Subject Matter Experts from IITs, IIMs and other reputed institutions. YourSkillDost is a blended learning program where students have the flexibility to join live sessions, access their digital library, and be part of a co-learning community as per their interest & convenience.


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