Saurabh Nanda plans to create a platform for Indian budding startup founders

Mr. Saurabh Nanda

Serial entrepreneur and investor Saurabh Nanda announces his plan to establish a platform that aims to support the India’s budding startup founders.

Taking inspiration from the Thrasio model, his platform will adopt a similar incubator approach but with a unique twist. Instead of buying out established companies, Nanda’s team will focus on building companies from the ground up, fostering boutique brands in the process.

The Thrasio model has been successful in acquiring companies once they reach a certain level of growth. However, Nanda’s aggregator model will be different, as it aims to bring together a vast network of unorganized merchants under a single major site.  Bitten Holding is a representation of this singular journey, starting from nothing and growing to Rs. 50 crore before handing the reins over to deserving institutions.

The mission is to empower many young people to become entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources and encouragement they need to launch their enterprises with a 95% success rate. The strategy coordinates their financial requirements, general management skill sets, marketing support, and sales networks to ensure they can progress without facing any setbacks. 

While talking about the aggregator model, Mr. Saurabh Nanda said, “The goal is to enable many young people to become entrepreneurs by giving them the tools and encouragement they need to start their businesses with a staggering 95% chance of success. To ensure they can advance without experiencing any setbacks, the strategy coordinates their financial requirements, general management skill sets, marketing support, and sales networks. An optional exit strategy is provided as they develop into well-known brands, enabling them to attract larger investment funds that are actively looking to invest in them.”

The platform aims to unite these boutique brands as a collective cooperative, fostering a supportive and innovative environment across various industries. Nanda’s ultimate vision is to create a coalition of 100 businesses, each achieving revenue milestones ranging from 25 to 50 crores within the first one to three years. This collective effort will establish a substantial corporation with an estimated budget ranging from 2500 to 5000 crore.

Saurabh Nanda is a co-founder and managing director for all of the businesses and startups with which he is involved. He has an MBA from the Goa Institute of Management and is committed to the development and expansion of these businesses. He also has various brands under his umbrella, such as Combonation, coloressence, nature essence, Nutki, Babiecorn, Debsm Asia, Bemisales media, luxelane, Fabuleux gifting solutions, Manestream, frootpaste, Scent %, Not coming soon, The Sillohuete Store, Be Aloud, Ondego, and La Perfe.  Saurabh is working on an ambitious plan to establish a cutting-edge school of entrepreneurs to nurture and empower 101 aspiring business leaders in a short period of time. If you are a young professional with a path breaking business idea and execution capability or a parent wanting to set up their kids on a probable successful start up, come be a part of the biggest cooperative business start up revolution.


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