Five startups looking to transform parking ecosystem in India

Five startups looking to transform parking ecosystem in India

India’s urban landscape has witnessed an exponential surge in vehicles on its roads, leading to a grave parking crunch in cities. However, the enterprising spirit of the country has given rise to innovative startups that are addressing this issue with smart, tech-driven solutions. These companies are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to streamline parking management, reduce congestion, and offer a hassle-free parking experience for all. Let’s take a look at five Indian startups at the forefront of transforming the parking ecosystem.

1. ParkMate:


Founded in 2021, ParkMate India’s first intelligent app-based platform, providing ingenious hyperlocal and on-demand parking solutions for both customers and companies. With its innovative “Drop & Shop” service, patrons receive real-time parking spot confirmations. The system ensures secure parking with OTP-verified and GPS-tagged drivers and attendants, allowing users to monitor their vehicle’s progress in real-time. The consumer merely needs to click “Get my car” when they actually need their vehicle, and it will be delivered to them safely. ParkMate offers a range of services, including the revolutionary Trishool parking management system and the efficient Kavach system designed for apartment complexes and vehicle dealerships. Their comprehensive Trishool system seamlessly integrates FASTag + ANPR + UniPay technology, automatically scanning license plates and granting or logging vehicle access using high-definition cameras, an integrated controller, and proprietary software. With ParkMate, the motto is simple: “You drive. We park.”

2. Park+:


Initially focused on connecting commuters with secure parking spaces across the nation, Park+ has expanded its services to encompass all automobile-related needs. From convenient parking solutions to insurance renewals, FASTag-related inquiries, and challan payments, Park+ aims to simplify the entire car ownership experience. Their underlying principle revolves around simplification, embracing the notion that “change will always be the only constant.”

3. Parking Rhino:

Parking Rhino

ParkingRhino emerges as a contemporary parking management firm catering to both individual customers and businesses alike. Their user-friendly B2C app streamlines the process of finding suitable parking spots, while the innovative B2B platform empowers parking contractors and companies to efficiently manage parking operations through a unified POS mobile app. Thanks to its intuitive design and compatibility with diverse parking equipment such as boom barriers, CCTVs, and parking sensors, the platform can digitize a parking space within a remarkably short span of 60 minutes.

4. Park 360:

Park 360

At Park 360, the team recognizes that as parking spaces decline and the vehicle count surges, the issue will only worsen. To tackle this concern, they collaborate closely with smart cities, governmental bodies, enterprises, commercial complexes, residential communities, and other institutions to devise tailor-made solutions. Leveraging advanced data analytics and a data-driven approach, Park 360 meticulously crafts optimal parking, revenue, and cost models for each unique scenario. Additionally, their solutions enhance security and transparency throughout the parking management process, granting users real-time insights into the parking infrastructure.

5. Aarshvi Security Systems:

Aarshvi Security Systems

Aarshvi Security Systems PVT. LTD. remains dedicated to providing consumers with specialized automated parking solutions, electronic security systems, and fire alarms. Backed by a highly skilled team with a combined industry experience of over 15 years, the company is well-equipped to deliver end-to-end solutions across corporate, industrial, and retail sectors. The uniqueness of Aarshvi’s solutions has firmly established the company’s reputation as a market leader.


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