Leads Connect unveils SaaS platform to bridge gap between farmers, customers

Leads Connect 'Agrani' Booth at UP GIS 2023
Leads Connect 'Agrani' Booth at UP GIS 2023

Leads Connect Services, an agritech data, risk management, and financial services company, has launched a SaaS-based platform for all stakeholders in the agricultural and disaster management industries.
Named Agrani, the platform aims to connect all aspects of agriculture- from farming to the table- using space tech analytics and artificial intelligence to provide farmer-centric solutions.

The platform aims to bridge the gap between farmers and customers, expand the food product distribution network for farmers and other stakeholders in domestic markets, and provide timely access to finance for FPOs/agribusinesses for community infrastructure in terms of storage and transportation.
It also has walk-in Agrani centres that act as the physical outlets for all platform services to the stakeholders.

Navneet Ravikar, Chairman and MD of Leads Connect Services, said, “Through Agrani, we’re aiming to provide stage wise agronomy advisories such as impact of weather, biophysical, and crop management practises on yield productivity.”

“We’ve created agricultural credit and value chain scores for seamless, and efficient farm lending with electronic applications, disbursal of loans, insurance pay-outs linked to weather, field data all this aimed to benefit transfers in agriculture and help farmers struggling to get timely access to finance,” he added.


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