MedTech startup Janitri raises $1.1M in pre-series round

Janitri Team
Janitri Team

Medtech startup Janitri, focused on pregnancy monitoring, has raised $1.1 million in a pre-Series A funding round.

The investment was led by iAngels-backed India Accelerator, with participation from other marquee investors including C-camp, Namita Thapar, O2 angels, Ashish Kacholia, IKP, and others. In their last round Janitri was funded by Singapore based Pureland Venture group.

Janitri plans to use the funds to scale up its current product offerings in hospitals /clinics and gain traction for early entry to home monitoring. Additionally, the MedTech startup aims to acquire international regulatory approvals by 2024.

Founded in 2016, Janitri offers advanced wearables and AI-enabled solutions for pregnancy and labor vitals monitoring. The company’s comprehensive pregnancy tracking app and home monitoring devices track critical vitals and provide accurate fetal movement monitoring for parents and doctors.

Janitri new-age fetal-maternal monitoring system boasting automated interpretation, remote monitoring and patient comfort. The easy-to-use system is embedded with AI-enabled features to send automated alerts/alarms and help doctors access important patient health data and graphs to avoid complications.

Janitri marks the development of the products for each and every kind of healthcare setting, home monitoring and in transit monitoring. Based on clinical research and patented technology, Janitri has built portable and easy-to-use fetal monitoring devices and software for hospitals. It provides digital labor monitoring tools, remote data monitoring, digital case sheet generation, nurse’s application and remote access to patient’s data for a stress-free pregnancy.

Arun Agarwal, Founder, Janitri said, “I would like to thank everyone for this support and for joining this journey with us. This space (maternal & child healthcare, medical device) needs a lot of attention, funding, awareness to make sure no mother or newborn dies or gets life-long complications during pregnancy, labor or post-delivery.”

Mona Singh, Co-Founder, India Accelerator said, “Pregnancy is exciting but the journey is also filled with anxieties and several critical aspects. Janitri’s devices are compact and portable, making it much easier for expecting mothers to manage their pregnancy through these devices. We are confident that Janitri’s product offerings are going to be a game-changer in the market as it strives to ensure healthy pregnancy and delivery, a suitable candidate for acquisition for big players of the industry like Philips/GE/Siemens.’’

Renowned investor of Janitri from its Shark Tank, Season 2 journey, Namita Thapar said, “Mother and newborn deaths and complications during and after pregnancy are still a big concern and it impacts the whole society. Janitri is solving one part of the problem using wearable and AI-enabled fetal-maternal vitals monitoring solutions to prevent this mortality and morbidity. Even if it saves 1 life, it is worth the investment. Arun is a fantastic entrepreneur, smart, driven & with a strong sense of purpose. I’m excited to be part of his journey.”

Janitri has reached over 300+ hospitals, 60,000+ mothers, saving 5000+ lives. It is ISO13485 certified, validated by prestigious hospitals and approved by regulatory bodies.