School bus app startup Chakraview raises $122.231K from angel investors

Ms. Jaya Bhura - Co Founder, Chakraview
Ms. Jaya Bhura - Co Founder, Chakraview

Mumbai-based startup Chakraview Solutions Pvt Ltd has raised $122.231K in an angel funding round from HNIs.  

The startup plans use the fresh capital to expand geographically to other states this year, as well as grow its tech, sales, and operations team and work on low-cost solutions to support Affordable Private Schools (APS) across the country.

Founded in 2016, Chakraview provides a end-to-end communication solution to schools and parents with features like real time tracking, bus alerts, attendance etc. Its software-as-a-service (SaaS) based platform enables schools and bus operators to manage their database, route planning and other optimisation tools to manage their fleet.

It currently operates in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and other select cities in Maharashtra and Gujarat, serving mainly ICSE, CBSE, and International schools with higher affordability levels. However, it aims to extend its services to APS schools and become an affordable but credible solution for parents looking to track their school buses.

Jaya Bhura, Co-founder & CEO, Chakraview , said “The newly acquired funds will allow us to stay on the momentum of scaling up our operations across the country. We plan to touch the lives of 100k parents this year who are looking for an affordable but credible solution to track their school buses”.

Rajesh Bhura, Co-Founder, “The school transport market is highly fragmented with a few big but many small contractors in each city running a fleet of upto 10 buses. We are attempting to serve their latent need and give them the tool to manage their fleet. Moreover, the gps hardware based tracking solutions prevalent in the market are not sufficient for their customers (i.e. parents) since they shuffle their buses often. Our smartphone based tracking solution is filling this critical gap.”

The school bus market was valued at USD 3.95 billion globally in 2021, according to a report by Mordor Intelligence, and it is expected to register at a CAGR of over 6.59% in terms of revenue in the next five years. The aggregate school bus and school van market in India is expected to grow at a healthy rate owing to increased enrolment of children in schools in non-urban areas and the increasing trend of dual-income families in urban areas.

Chakraview claims to be the only comprehensive school bus communication platform in India’s crowded logistics software marketplace. It has so far onboarded 1000 vehicles, 75+ schools, 50,000 parents, and logs over 4000 routes and 30,000 km every day. It is also in discussions with OEMs to provide a holistic solution to their school bus customers.


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