Facebook Is Looking To Hire In India

Facebook Is Looking-To Hire In India-Startagist

Facebook announced that its job application feature will now be available in more than 40 countries including India.

Job seekers can now use Facebook to search and apply for openings and vacancies at local businesses.

The feature was initially rolled out in the US and Canada last year.

Facebook Is Looking-To Hire In India-StartagistThe social media company is also making it easier for the local businesses to get their listings online by letting them post their vacancies and openings through the Facebook app.

Once a business posts a job, managers can go through the applicants and directly reach out through the Messenger app.

Job seekers can also subscribe to company’s listings to get alerts of fresh openings

While the Microsoft-owned hiring platform LinkedIn is mostly focused on white-collar or skilled jobs, Facebook Jobs will primarily focus on strengthening the local businesses with a low-skilled or semi-skilled workforce.

With Facebook Jobs, one can create job posts on mobile, manage applications and can even schedule interviews for local businesses. So, it can do pretty much everything that LinkedIn does.

How Does Facebook Jobs Work?

One can search for jobs on the ‘Jobs’ dashboard at Facebook.com/Jobs, the web version of the social media platform.

On mobile, the Job section will be available in the ‘Explore’ section of the mobile app. You can also find new job openings on the business page of a company looking to hire employees.

The job locations will be limited to a radius of 161 km from the user’s location on Facebook and only jobs within that radius will show up on the user’s dashboard.

How To Apply For Facebook Jobs?

Users will have to click on the ‘Apply’ button to start getting openings and vacancies in their feed. After clicking the Apply button, an application form will pop up with details filled-in from the Facebook profile.

Facebook will only take the public details mentioned in the profile. The form can be edited before submitting the final version. After filling the form, it can be directly sent to a company.

The company can later contact the applicant through email, phone or through the Messenger to schedule an interview directly.

Facebook Is Looking To Hire In IndiaFacebook Job Alerts

Job seekers can subscribe to Facebook Jobs to get timely alerts on the new listings and vacancies. To get job alerts, users need to subscribe to the various job openings in their locality by choosing the industry and job-type the users are interested in.

Once the user makes all the required selections and clicks on subscribe, they will then be notified if there is a relevant job opening in the pre-set radius.

Job Listings on Facebook Jobs

The page admins can directly put up job listings by filling in all the details such as job title, job type, salary, etc.

The job openings will then appear on the business’ Facebook Page, Jobs dashboard, Marketplace and in the News Feed of interested users. Businesses can schedule interviews, send automated reminders and can contact the applicant directly through the Messenger app.

Facebook Is Looking To Hire In IndiaThe international expansion marks the rollout of Facebook Jobs in 40 countries.

The company has also planned to invest around $1 billion in Facebook Jobs to make the technology better, with the launch of newer programs in 2018. Google has also tried their hand at helping people to find jobs and unveiled its own job search tool.

Though Facebook Jobs is targeting a different group, LinkedIn should be worried about Facebook’s massive presence and reach.


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