AI-powered customer and field service startup Neuron 7 raises $10M, an innovator in Artificial Intelligence-powered customer and field service software, has raised $10 million in Series A funding led by Battery Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners.

Neuron7 plans to use the new funding to grow its product and customer success teams in the US and India. Both teams will enable Neuron7 to continue bringing innovative solutions to the market that help customers as they move to outcome-as-a-service and predictive service business models. 

Customer and field service organizations are significantly impacted by the following three industry trends: 

  1. An unprecedented skills shortage due to a tsunami of baby boomers retiring, creating huge losses of “tribal knowledge” of products and customers. 
  2. Products such as high-tech electronics, medical devices, and industrial manufacturing equipment are growing more complex and harder to support, every day. 
  3. Customers increasingly demand instant answers, often via self-service portals and chatbots. 

These challenges are growing more acute with the economic downturn looming, and service operational excellence and profitability will be even more in focus. 

Neuron7 leverages AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help service organizations overcome these challenges and greatly improve service metrics like first-time fix, tribal knowledge capture, faster turnaround times, call deflections, and customer satisfaction.

The Neuron7 Service Intelligence Platform is a cloud-based service that extracts intelligence from the two biggest sources of knowledge in an enterprise – its data and its people.

This “Collective Intelligence” is turned into actionable predictions that help people diagnose and resolve any issue in seconds, no matter how complex the issue, and no matter how experienced the service person is.

“Knowledge in an enterprise is siloed. Support, field service, and engineering expertise are spread across systems, data and experts” said Niken Patel, CEO of “Re-thinking the way knowledge/intelligence is captured and shared across silos in the enterprise, creates an enterprise-wide Resolution system of record.”

Since its launch last year, Neuron7 has been deployed by Keysight Technologies, Xilinx, Parkview Healthcare, Softtek, and other leading companies.

Neuron7 has also introduced several groundbreaking new AI-powered service intelligence capabilities:

  • Intelligent Search – understands the human context of questions to find the exact answer from within a company’s entire body of customer service data & documents
  • Intelligent Diagnostics Micro predictions at each step of the diagnostic process lead technicians to success for every issue across every product model. Capture ”how” technicians diagnose and solve each issue 
  • Intelligent Telemetry converts data sent by connected devices into actionable insights & preemptive maintenance recommendations.


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