A first in the online gifting industry, real-time gift tracking launched in India by Join Ventures

A first in the online gifting industry, real-time gift tracking launched in India by Join Ventures
A first in the online gifting industry, real-time gift tracking launched in India by Join Ventures

– The tracking feature had been deployed for all customers at portfolio companies, IGP.com and Interflora India

Join Ventures, India’s leading D2C investor and the parent company of IGP.com and Interflora India, recently announced that it has implemented a real-time gift delivery tracking feature for its portfolio companies – IGP.com and Interflora India to elevate the customer’s overall experience and enable them to receive instant updates on their orders’ whereabouts. 

The initiative makes the gifting behemoth IGP.com and the Indian leg of the world’s largest and most trusted flower delivery service, Interflora, the first companies from the Indian online gifting industry to offer real-time delivery tracking. 

Announcing the initiative, Tarun Joshi, Founder of Join Ventures, said, “Our tech team has developed a pathbreaking interface for real-time delivery tracking that gives the user far more control and visibility over their order journey. Knowing exactly where their order is in the delivery process and route helps build further trust and allows us to deliver a far greater experience.”

Over the past year, Join Ventures has invested heavily into transforming the buying experience and improving the last-mile delivery experience for the customers of its portfolio companies. The feature will be available to over 5 million customers and diminish their anticipation of delivery while increasing the transparency of the whole process. Furthermore, the feature will benefit those who face the challenge of keeping special gifts under wraps from family, friends, or loved ones during this pandemic, as customers can track their orders live – from the time they place a gift order to the time they receive it. 

The real-time tracking feature offers updates at every stage, from confirmation to delivery on the map. When a customer places a gift order, they will receive an SMS/email confirmation. The live track link is activated when an order is dispatched, allowing the sender to see it on a map in real-time, along with details like the items ordered and the estimated delivery time. A confirmation is sent via SMS/email as soon as the gift order is delivered. The likelihood of lost packages and frequent calls to the customer service center has also decreased. 

Join Ventures aims at building a direct-to-customer ecosystem. Their highly scalable D2C ecosystem currently supports over ten international retail (B2C) and corporate (B2B2C) websites, including market-leading brands like IGP.com (India’s largest online gifting company) and Interflora India (world’s largest and most recognised flower delivery service), as well as several private labels that serve over 4 million customers in over 100 countries. Their curated merchandising platform focuses on handmade and customised proprietary products across a wide range of categories, including home décor, food, flowers, fashion, jewellery, accessories, toys and festival products. With market-leading companies, a highly skilled and experienced team, proprietary logistics infrastructure of three-hour delivery in over 20 cities in India, they are at an inflexion point, ready to take off and transform the D2C landscape.


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