SkillingIndia Organises Exam Stress Management Webinars

SkillingIndia Organises Exam Stress Management Webinars
SkillingIndia Organises Exam Stress Management Webinars

SkillingIndia, a new age Employability & Career Growth Skills development organization, has recently organized ‘Exam Stress Management’ online webinar series in association with colleges like Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College Udupi, VET First Grade College Bangalore, AVVM Sri Pushpam College Thanjavur,  Besant College, MLA Academy of Higher Learning Bangalore, and Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Bidar. More than 600 students of colleges across the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra benefitted from these webinars. The objective of this webinar was to build skills amongst students to manage exam stress and develop a learning mindset.

The experts on counselling and psychology from SkillingIndia and addressed the students in these workshops. The sessions covered why & how stress happens, causes of stress, signs of being stressed out, coping strategy, awareness and relaxing techniques to deal with stress. This helps in building skills not only in personal but also in professional life. “Mental Wellbeing, Resilience and Stress Tolerance” is one of the Top 10 future skills identified by SkillingIndia research. As the students get into the workforce, they will encounter various other forms of stress as well as demands on their emotions, time and resources, and such skill will be essential for them to navigate the world.  

In the words of Manish Chowdhary, Founder & Director SkillingIndia, “In India, parental expectations and too much perceived importance of marks creates a lot of undue pressure on a student. Ability to understand and manage this stress is an important skill every student should learn. I would advise parents to provide a supportive role and understand the emotions which the child is going through at this juncture. They can enable the child to make their emotions work for them rather than be affected by them. I would also advise children to take regular breaks, to exercise, play and indulge in co-curricular activities. This would help in positive outcomes in a child.”

According to a study conducted in February 2021, the academic stress and mental health of Indian high school students varies on various psycho-social factors and academic stress. Nearly 63.5% of the students reported stress due to academic pressure, about 66% of students reported feeling pressure from their parents for better academic performance. Moreover, the research concluded, about 32.6% of the students were symptomatic of psychiatric issues and 81.6% reported examination-related anxiety.

Meera Edna Coelho, Associate Professor – Department of English, Besant College quoted, “The session was excellent and mind-blowing with the presenter ensuring all students were relaxed and participative. I am sure the students would agree with me on this. Such sessions are the need of the hour as a lot of new and exciting concepts were discussed which will help the students in their exam preparation and success.”


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