SaaS startup Melooha raises $635K in angel investment

Co - Founders of Melooha
Co - Founders of Melooha

Bengaluru based AI powered astrology SaaS startup Melooha has secured $6,35,000 in angel funding led by US-based Streak Ventures LLC (a renowned venture capital firm) and a group of visionary angel investors.

This significant investment reflects the investors’ confidence in Melooha’s mission and its potential to modernize the field of astrology.

Melooha is a hyper-personalized AI-powered astrology platform that caters to the timeless human desire for guidance. It offers personalized insights based on an individual’s unique birth details, such as their specific birth date, place, and time. Users can also pose personalized questions and receive real-time guidance.

The platform relies on precise mathematical algorithms and incorporates the most accurate planetary data, including insights from NASA. The integration of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning has been instrumental in realizing this ambitious vision.

Neeraj Sahejpal, Managing Partner at Streak Ventures LLC, said, “The astro-spiritual market is worth $40 billion, and Melooha’s AI and data-driven insights have the potential to revolutionise the industry, making astrology more accurate and accessible to a broader audience.”

Melooha is the dream project of second-time entrepreneur Vikram Labhe. Astrology based guidance has been a guiding force throughout Vikram’s life, providing valuable insights to navigate life’s challenges and successes. It was this profound influence that inspired the creation of  Melooha.

Vikram Labhe, Founder & CEO, Melooha, said, “We are excited to have the support of our investors, who share our vision of making astrology a valuable tool for personal growth and self-discovery. This funding is a significant step forward that will enable us to accelerate our product development and get the product out in the market sooner.”

Bhalchandra Patil, Co-founder & CTO, Melooha, added, “We are on a mission to make astrology more accessible and relevant to today’s tech-savvy audience. Our team has worked tirelessly to build an AI-driven platform that is not only cutting-edge but also deeply intuitive. We are excited about the possibilities this funding opens up for further innovation and expansion.”

Dr. Vineeta Phatak, Chief Astrologer, Melooha, said, “We are confident that Melooha will redefine the astro-spiritual market with its never-before accuracy and authenticity. I would like to convey my deep gratitude to our investors for believing in and supporting our efforts with the necessary monetary aid.”


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