Gurugram-based API testing startup HyperTest raises $1.5 million in its seed round

HyperTest raises $1.5 million in its seed round
HyperTest raises $1.5 million in its seed round

Gurugram-based API testing startup HyperTest raised $1.5 million in its seed round led by Better Capital.

Other prominent angel investors including Manasij Ganguli (Threadsol), Vibhu Garg (Founder, Unicommerce), Prashant Kumar (Founder, Unbxd), Karthik Murugesan (CTO, Sequoia Consulting Group), Vijay Seshadri (Angel investor, first investor at Chargebee), Harsh Rajgarhia (Promotor, Overnite Express), Apoorva Gautam (COO, Guild capital) and Anupam Mittal (People Group) also participated in the round through LetsVenture.

The startup is looking to utilize the funds to capture a slice of the multibillion-dollar market for testing and stability of modern API-first applications. As APIs have become the primary way to consume, sell and distribute software, close to 80% of all application traffic, whether web or mobile, travels through APIs, according to the report by Internet company, Akamai Technologies.

Even in a simple user flow as booking a cab or something complex as firing up a zoom session with hundreds of participants, all the heavy lifting at the back is done by one or several hundred APIs talking with each other, in the process ensuring the proper functioning of mission critical applications. Making them the source of all functional and logical issues, performance bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities.

This is where HyperTest comes in. It helps in simplifying the approach that engineering and test teams now take to protect their APIs and microservices against these kinds of failures.

HyperTest is an autonomous API test and observability platform that uses network traffic to automatically generate end to end API tests, thus eliminating the need to write or maintain any test suite. In fact, HyperTest makes it virtually impossible for developers to introduce a breaking change, whether performance, functional or logical in their application, which is not reported first by it.

Founded in 2021 by Shailendra Singh, Co-founder & CEO, and Karan Raina, Co-founder & CTO, HyperTest currently works with over 50 teams with half of them coming from some of the large unicorns in India, and has already helped these teams reduce the time spent on testing by two to three days per sprint, making it possible to release defect free code multiple times in a sprint without worrying about building their own automation.

Speaking about the product, Shailendra Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, says, “Engineering leaders of modern agile teams want to reduce time to market for new features which in long run becomes the difference between successful products liked by their users and those that are not. The only blocker here is testing, where teams struggle. HyperTest gives teams the unique ability to test new features without worrying about building their own automation, and the confidence to also keep releases bug-free without slowing down development.

With the results achieved with success they have had with mature engineering teams across top businesses in India, HyperTest now plans to expand into international markets and thus wants to use this fund-raise to focus on hiring sales, product and GTM leaders. The product would also evolve to work seamlessly across different clouds (private and public), allowing teams to deploy and start with HyperTest in minutes.

HyperTest is the need of the hour today as companies rush to build and ship software faster than ever before. Its end-to-end API testing automation innovation is like nothing else and top-tier scaled companies adopting HyperTest is a testament to their innovation. We have been founding stage investors in this journey and are excited to see the full vision unfold”, says Vaibhav Domkundwar of Better Capital.

Over 50 businesses including Nykaa, Groww, UrbanCompany, Airmeet, Bankopen, Yellow working across ecommerce, fintech / financial services, SaaS, Edtech and other sectors use HyperTest as their default test automation tool to green-light all releases.

Ashish Jain, Director of Quality engineering at Nykaa, who has been using HyperTest now for over a year, says “Hypertest has been helpful in testing major API refactoring where we were unsure of the impact of the change. Hypertest gave us differences in a single shot and our testing effort was reduced from a few days to a few minutes”  

Further, Kalpesh Balar, VP Engineering, Groww also added that with HyperTest, “they have built a complete regression suite for their most crucial APIs, which runs before every change is accepted to be pushed to the production environment”


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