E-commerce Platform Humanitive Launches A New Collection of Remembrance for Father’s Day 2022

HUMANITIVE -Father's Day Classic
HUMANITIVE -Father's Day Classic

Humanitive, a luxurious gifting Company dedicated solely for a good cause has launched a new Remembrance gifting collection which is crafted specially for Father’s Day 2022. The collection is named as “Remembrance” to help the children remember and treasure the lovely memories that their fathers have presented them. The gift boxes range in various types, according to the need of the person: Petit, Grand, Mini, Classic. They contain a donation kit designed to help the less-fortunate population. It also contains keepsake gifts such as stylist Brooches, Luxurious Chocolates, Buttons, Classy Ties for men, Soothing and Scented Soy Candles of different ecstatic flavours, Handpicked Organic Tea Leaves of Soothing flavours, Charm Bracelets, and many more. 

The Remembrance collection has been launched by keeping in mind the love, care and flooding memories which can help children appreciate the things that their fathers have done for them and to bring the fathers back to the memory lanes of their youthful life and joys experienced. According to our fathers, we will never grow up, and once we become adults, we tend to forget that they might feel left out by our busy schedules. This collection is a perfect opportunity to show your father the importance of them in your life, and help them understand the way they are always appreciated. 

Here are some products that we have listed for this Father’s Day which would be loved by our fathers, grandfathers, uncles, father-in-law, godfathers, brothers and so on. These collections would be great to gift on any day of the year!


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