Codleo consulting appoints young dog Leo as Chief Happiness Officer

Leo, Chief Happiness Officer, Codleo Consulting
Leo, Chief Happiness Officer, Codleo Consulting

Codleo Consulting,  a New Delhi- based IT Solutions start-up recently announced that they will be appointing Leo (a chirky dog) as its Chief Happiness Officer. Global CRO of the company, Mr. RS Maan says that his mission is to spread happiness and cheerfulness within the organization. Leo’s only priority is to keep happiness alive within its dedicated and passionate employees.

As far as Leo will be on his duty, sincerely, everyone would feel contented and alive being around him. He will soon be everyone’s hot favorite and cool friend.  Codleo consulting came up with a blissful thought of making this cheerful being who is few months old Rottweiler, as Chief  Happiness Officer.  He has been assigned with the serious task of spreading happiness, light, love, and life amongst employees, with policies, actions, and of course, his presence. His job profile will also include infusing energy and enthusiasm in the air, unapologetically!!

Alexa might bring happiness to you at home, but Leo will be taking the charge of your happiness when you are at work. Happiness guaranteed!!

While pouring his thoughts regarding the newly appointed Chief Happiness Officer, Mr. Maan says, “Unfortunately, happiness is not a part of India’s work culture. We talk endlessly and do write reams about Nirvana, which in simple terms means a place of actual peace and happiness, just like heaven.”  He believes that happy employees are productive employees who help the company grow and  Leo would be the torchbearer for showing the light and make everyone feel better about themselves at their workplace. The one and only, Leo, Chief Happiness Officer of Codleo Consulting would be a symbolic representation of bliss and open-minded nature, the two golden qualities which every individual should aspire forHe further adds,  “People do work in stressful environments with looming deadlines, fear of losing the job and working with random strangers.  The 21st-century workplace is a bubbling pot of mental health issues and dispirited employees. It’s time to change it, and change has to happen now and should come from the top”.

Codleo Consulting is known for keeping its employees at the heart of its planning and operations. They focus on adopting the best practices over the globe and injecting the happiness factor in the work environment by introducing this loyal & happening soul would surely add good vibes wherever he would go! Codleo Consulting is all set to bring in a  PAWWFECT remedy for happiness and will soon witness its employees in a merry pin at their workplace.


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