BL Agro On Ambitious Expansion Drive; Rolls Out Aggressive Marketing Plans for FY21-22

BL Agro On Ambitious Expansion Drive; Rolls Out Aggressive Marketing Plans for FY21-22
BL Agro On Ambitious Expansion Drive; Rolls Out Aggressive Marketing Plans for FY21-22

BL Agro Industries Limited, INR 2500 crore edible oils and food products company in India, is on an aggressive expansion mode, with extensive brand endorsements, to reach out to its target audience. The company which recently launched TVCs for its brands, Bail Kolhu and Nourish has rolled out its expansive marketing plans for the fiscal year 2021-22. The company would be investing in a media mix, of mainline, digital and innovative media vehicles lead by Television, to create brand positioning resulting in consumer awareness and demand of BL Agro’s products across India.

Our company is on an aggressive B2C expansion spree with a keen eye on profitable incremental growth and sustained capability, which can be achieved through proper marketing strategies” says Ashish Khandelwal, Managing Director, BL Agro

“To take the brand to the next level through marketing and proper messaging, we have earmarked a media budget of Rs. 150 crores for the current year. With a vision to contribute in nation’s agri-economy, we would be channelizing our capacities through manifold approach to reach out to the maximum audiences”, adds, Ashish.

“BL Agros brands include ‘Bail Kolhu‘ a 50-year-old brand and ‘Nourish’, that have envisioned the growing need for adding nutrition to consumer’s daily food habits. The company recently on-boarded Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Manoj Bajpayee, Pankaj Tripathi and Shilpa Shetty for its brands, says, Richa Khandelwal, Brand Spokesperson, BL Agro.

“The entire range of BL Agros products are for all age groups, across different stratas of society, and therefore it is imperative to be on every media. Television still holds the maximum mileage, where our spends would be close to 60%, followed by the print/radio/OOH, digital and online media and other media such as PR and influencer marketing”, adds, Richa

BL Agro produces nutritionally well balanced and superior quality food products, consistently, by using state-of-the-art technology that provides substantial support to nation’s farmers. The company has a wide portfolio of food products and rely on agricultural value chains to procure raw materials at scale thus boosting farmer income. The company also aims at empowering farmers and driving long-term growth through creation of infrastructure to support the agri-industry.

At the same time, with expansion of such a magnitude, BL Agro is contributing considerably in the domain of employment generation. The company already has a workforce strength of about 5000, including a huge field force, and this number is set to go up in the times to come.

In the current pandemic scenario, BL Agro is committed to work towards empowering the nation through large scale employment generation.

About BL Agro

Being a flag-bearer of government of India’s Vocal for Local campaign, BL Agro has stood out among the top food FMCG companies in recent years. Based in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, B L

Agro Industries Ltd. has been committed to providing quality food products over the years. The company today has one of the largest distribution networks amongst all branded edible oil and food product players in India with over 50,000 retailers. BL Agro Industry’s growth story is an inspiring story of success. Having started as a mustard trading house in 1950s, B.L. Agro has come a long way today. During the course of its grueling journey, the company transformed from a commodity trading organization to a full-fledged FMCG company. The marketers of a single mustard oil brand subsequently started rolling out multiple varieties of oil, including refined oils and then a range of food products under the brand name ‘Nourish’ – thus catering to a much wider consumer base. Brand Nourish comes with a promise for nutrition. The brand offers entire range of food products typically used in an Indian kitchen including Atta, Rice, Pulses, Ghee & Oils, Dry Fruits, Papad, Achars, Murabba, Spices, etc. Each Nourish product is packed with superior quality ingredients and is produced with finest processes that ensure maximum retention of nutrients.


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