CMS IT Services’ has appointed Anuj Vaid as Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

CMS IT Services’ has appointed Anuj Vaid as Chief Executive Officer
CMS IT Services’ has appointed Anuj Vaid as Chief Executive Officer

CMS IT Services, a leader in IT Managed Services & Digital Platforms, has appointed Anuj Vaid as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

As the CEO, Anuj has a vision to transform the company with modernized digital services, differentiated delivery models and explore new markets to enhance stakeholder value.

Throughout his career, Anuj has helped enterprises thrive in dynamic markets by executing impeccably and delivering transformative foundational changes. As an effective team builder, he has a unique ability to create motivated and successful teams.  

Anuj’s appointment positions CMS IT Services to take advantage of the exponential growth in the digital transformation space. He understands the organisation, customers, and the overall ecosystem intimately. He has a track record of building innovative technology offerings, delivering great outcomes and exceptional customer experiences. 

He has already overseen the building of differentiated digital platforms around Automation, Cloud Management, Analytics, BOTs, and SecOps. He is committed to making CMS IT Services synonymous with flexible customer-first engagement models and world-class delivery.

Most recently, Anuj was Executive Director and Board Member at CMS IT Services, where he launched the Defensible Cybersecurity Framework to tackle pandemic-era cyberthreats. He also piloted India’s First AI-Driven Automation Shared Delivery Model – the ‘Remote Automation Centre for Enterprises’ (R.A.C.E). His considerable strength in harnessing modern technology such as Cloud, BOTs, AI/ML and IoT to deliver exceptional results and obsession with customer success will remain key to CMS IT Services’ continued achievements.

“Our market insights, commitment, flexibility, and deep capabilities are strategic advantages for our customers. We are committed to delivering modern digital services that scale as our customers build their future. Our approach will continue to lead us into new technologies, new markets, and new ways of creating value for our customers”, says Anuj.