US9 ‘world’s cheapest respiratory mask’, launched by Usafe, IIT(H)

US9 mask to be 'world's cheapest respiratory mask', launched by Usafe, IIT(H)
Image credit: Twitter @CfHE_IITH

US9 Respiratory mask is said to the most affordable mask in the word. Usafe Healthcare, a start-up at the Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad’s Centre for Healthcare Entrepreneurship, has developed this mask and it said to meet the safety standards and promises to be cheaper and better than an N95 mask.

Usafe claims that the new mask offers 99.7% bacterial filtration rate and 98.3% PM0.3 filtration rate which is better than the N95 standards. The masks are priced at Rs 499 apiece and the users need to change the filters once in a day which costs Rs 13 per piece.

Saumil Sharma, the company’s co-founder and Head of Strategy said, “This is cheaper than the N95 masks. Doctors change three-four N95 masks in a day. Our mask lasts for three days. Besides, it reduces biowaste as the same mask can be used for three years.”

“The innovation of reusability in US9 Respirator Mask not only reduces the recurring cost but also drastically decreases the bio-waste generated due to protective masks,” said Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary (IT and Industries), Govt of Telangana.

The mask has been designed, developed, and produced in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad. The launch was done as an E-launch amid the coronavirus pandemic.


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