Urban Gardening Company Lazy Gardener Acquires Proud Gardener

Lazy Gardener Acquires Proud Gardener
Lazy Gardener Acquires Proud Gardener

Lazy Gardener, a specialized urban gardening company headquartered in Delhi, announced its acquisition of Proud Gardener today. The latter company stands proud being the creators of a sustainable ecosystem of gardening and table decor.

“We have seen the trend of urban and indoor gardening picking up in the last couple of months and we’re excited to quickly be emerging as the company that is ready to roll the next phase of a sustainable future of the
consumers with our products,” said, Vinayak Garg, Founder – Lazy Gardener. “The addition of Proud Gardner speaks to our commitment in the gardening industry, and we are thrilled to expand our green wings across the nation with this acquisition.”

Vinayak Garg, Founder - Lazy Gardener
Vinayak Garg, Founder – Lazy Gardener

Lazy Gardener breathed life into the efficient gardening space in the year 2019 and since then it has been helping thousands of Indians turn into efficient home gardeners by keeping their plants healthier with their
innovative products. With the invasion of work-from-home policies for most of the nationwide employees, gardening has gained momentum and there is a significant percentage of new gardeners acquiring the hobby.
With their innovative and mess-free products, Lazy Gardener is on a mission to support the gardeners and help them enjoy the pleasure by making urban gardening simple and accessible.

“Watching the gardening space go big is the most important goal I had in mind when I started the company and I am actually super happy to be a part of a bright team, bubbling with innovations in the gardening industry. Now is the time to think more than just traditional gardening,” said, Jay Paudyal, Investor, Proud Gardener.

On this mission of greener India, the acquisition of ProudGardener.com would be a boon. The combined strength of both the companies would not only help in the innovations but also will add the value to the overall
business goals. Keeping this acquisition in mind, it is certain that the future looks brighter, greener and more impactful for both the companies as well as our lazy gardeners.

About Lazy Gardener:


Lazy Gardener is a passion project born out of necessity and smattering of Curiosity. With a mission to get more & more people to enjoy the pleasure of gardening LazyGardener has been inspiring millions of Green Change Makers with its innovative gardening solution.

For more information about Lazy Gardener and their products, visit Website .

About Proud Gardener:

Proud Gardener Logo
Proud Gardener Logo

Proud Gardener is about creating a sustainable ecosystem of home decor, gardening, garden, creation, and of course the joy it brings along. It all started with the objective of making your home decor a pleasant experience.


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