Strata launches first ever Commercial Real Estate investment app

Strata launches first ever Commercial Real Estate investment app
Strata launches first ever Commercial Real Estate investment app
  • Strata launches first ever Commercial Real Estate investment app

In its bid to further democratize commercial real-estate as an asset class for Indians, Strata the country’s leading tech-enabled commercial real estate (CRE) investment platform, announced the launch of its mobile app. The platform will empower investors to seamlessly access and invest in any grade-A CRE asset listed on Strata’s platform and avail end-to-end asset management services instantly through an easy to use mobile app.

Strata has been on a constant pursuit towards make investing in high-yield, Grade-A commercial real estate accessible, transparent, and seamless for all its investors. Built with best-in-class tools the app will enable investors on Strata’s platform to effortlessly manage their investments across commercial properties in the country.

Designed for maximum speed and ease-of-use, the mobile app will enable its users to quickly search, filter, and browse every listing on Strata from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet. It will not only allow investors to evaluate properties but will offer end-to-end asset management services in terms of investing in new properties, exiting the current property and even checking on the updates of upcoming properties among others.

The app will also benefit the NRI audiences, who comprise a significant portion of Strata’s customer base. With the unique advantage of converting their foreign income into lucrative investment options in India, NRIs have been heavy investors in Indian real-estate, wherein the latter comprises for more than 70% of a typical NRI portfolio.

However investment in real-estate requires sound understanding of the industry scenario, property rates, expected growth among other factors. Owing to ambiguity around valuation and asset management, NRIs’ are forced to make investment decisions either on the premise of limited information or through their dependence on local agents whereby they end up being misled. With the launch of their app, Strata aims to engage with NRI investors and Indians working overseas more effectively while enabling them to evaluate, buy and monitor assets on real-time without any hassles and thereby helping them make informed decisions. By means of an accelerated engagement through the app the company is eyeing a 30% growth in its current NRI investor base.            

Commenting on the development, Sudarshan Lodha, Co-founder & CEO, Strata Property Management, said, “We have ceaselessly worked towards making the lucrative asset class of CRE accessible to India like never before and it has just got better with the launch of our all new mobile app. While a new investor on Strata’s platform can kick-start a seamless investment journey by browsing, evaluating and shortlisting feasible assets, our existing investors will be able to avail end-to-end asset management services in an instant and easy manner, thanks to the app.”

“Technology and customer centricity is at the heart of everything we do and with the aid of a mobile-first approach, Strata aims to offer a gamut of competitive services whereby investors are not just able to browse and evaluate assets but will be able to find alternative assets, match the specifications of a particular asset, besides investing and exiting all at the click of a button. The platform will thus create a cohesive customer journey offering superior user interface and an extremely convenient investment experience.”

The app will enable users to

  • Browse latest investment opportunities listed by Strata
  • Search by location anytime, anywhere to view listings and properties
  • Remote investment in one or multiple assets listed
  • Share listings with others via text, email, social media, or other apps
  • Call or email Strata’s investment manager with one tap for an interesting listing
  • Track and manage ongoing investments – portfolio management, monthly rent received, valuation reports, taxation certificate, total AUM etc.

Strata’s mobile app available for Android and iOS devices will thus make it easy for investors to manage their CRE asset portfolio while on the go.

Since its inception in November 2019, Strata has offered a suite of high quality, commercial assets such as office spaces, warehouses, and industrial facilities among others across the country. The company, today has an Asset under Management (AUM) worth 540+ crore, spanning across 2.5 million sq. ft. in cities such as Bengaluru, Hosur, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, etc. Strata recently launched its 15th asset and became the first Indian company to offer a consumer retail showroom space under fractional ownership.

In January 2022, Strata became the very first proptech company in the country to have crossed a significant threshold of 500 crores in Assets under Management (AUM).  The company which doubled its AUM from Rs. 240 crore to Rs. 500 crore in just 9 months also witnessed a massive jump of 300% in its investor base crossing 1500+, which comprises more than 30k+ active users. In the calendar year of 2021 Strata added INR 1 crore each day under its AUM, becoming the first and the only company in India of its kind.

The company is eyeing a host of asset classes such as industrial assets, office spaces, warehouses, data centres, hotels, hospitals, retail spaces, among others. The company is also eyeing sale & leaseback deals with large corporations on long-term leases.

Strata envisions to be the largest tech first alternative investment platform in the country for retail investors by enabling them to invest in CRE assets, by democratising assets and offering it on an easy-to-use online platform. Through its tech-enabled platform, Strata empowers retail investors across the globe to invest in specific commercial properties in a particular location of their choice whilst offering excellent yields.


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