Startup Instashield Received the ‘Icons of Asia 2022’

Instashield Receives the 'Icons of Asia 2022' for Innovative Start-up of the Year Award
Instashield Receives the 'Icons of Asia 2022' for Innovative Start-up of the Year Award
  • The Award was received under the category “Innovative Start-up of the Year Award”

Instashield, a breakthrough innovative Medical Device, was recently honored with the “Icons of Asia 2022” Award for its exceptional work and outstanding contribution and services in the business sector. Instashield is a plug-n-play device, which works on electron transmitting technology and has the capability to eliminate all sorts of viruses including the SARS COV19 by 99.9% efficacy. The innovative technology of Instashield works in enclosed places, in air, and on surfaces without emitting any harmful radiations and keeping the environment safe and healthy for mankind. The company’s already remarkable credentials, which include customer’s trust and innovative technology, have been enhanced by the ‘Icons of Asia 2022’.

Hitesh M Patel, Promoter and Director, Instashield, said, We are ecstatic to have won the Icons of Asia 2022 Award. We’d like to dedicate this honor to our team of innovators and all of the team members who have worked tirelessly to make this start-up a blockbuster. It’s a great honor to receive such a big award which has increased responsibility towards our customers.

Icons of Asia is an initiative to honor the Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Influencers, Achievers, Innovators and Leaders. The delegates from across Asia attended the event to share their unfiltered, unconventional and unexpected insights for achieving goals in business and beyond.

It is another award added to the company’s portfolio. Recently, Instashield received Global Excellence Award 2022 for the “Most Innovative Corona Protection Device GEA 2022 Award” category.


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