NYABAZAR, A Startup by Odisha Students, grabs attention

Nyabazar is an online educational platform that strives to be a trustable platform for all-round development of the person with a new mission to develop Indian Youth in this hard phase of COVID-19.

Nyabazar is a group of 1st to 4th Year students from GITA college in Bhubaneswar, Orissa; who gave up all the short-term desires just to develop a portal that is easy to handle and comes with accurate filters so that in without wasting time people will be able to get the required information which they are looking for learning, earning and developing themselves.

Nyabazar has designed the platform with the four domains namely: Comparing Courses, Resume, Mentors, and Job.

Initially Nyabazar family was only a team of co-founders namely Debiprasad Samal, Dipesh Gaurav , Shivam Giri and leaders who wanted to help the country by making a less time-consuming educational platform. But, now there are many of the students from different parts of states who are helping to break all the traditional stereotypes about education by working online from home.

Nyabazar also provides the hard and soft skills and personality development from professional mentors.

There was also a news article printed for Nyabazar by edex-live; that led to a drastic increase in followers, even though going through tremendous ups & downs Nyabazar still worked hard to reach each person so it became Nyabazar’s goal to be in the hearts of people. Nyabazar was selected by ‘Startup Odisha’ in the ideation phase and also won the ‘Startup Boot Camp’ at Trident.

This platform can give several opportunities to grow more and help Youth to become self-reliable and proficient by developing skills. Nyabazar displays as the perfect example for the development of Youth in this hard phase of COVID-19.


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