Meet the 5 startups graduating from GSF Accelerator’s 5th batch

GSF Accelerator

As part of the programme, GSF has invested a seed amount of $65,000 in $100,000 into each startup

Bangalore- and Gurgaon-based startup accelerator GSF has announced the names of the five startup graduating from its fifth batch. The program — crafted for Indian startups offering deep immersion in both Indian and international markets — offers tech startups access to the Indian tech community with hands-on mentorship from five of India’s leading tech founders in addition to access to GSF’s global community of over 400 mentors and startup founders.

GSF Accelerator
GSF Accelerator

“This is our fifth iteration and we have chosen five startups,” Rajesh Sawhney, GSF Accelerator’s founder explains. “This year our focus has been on deep learning, AI, chat-tech, health, and fintech. Each startup in the current batch is led by exceptional founders who have demonstrated a deep commitment to solving a specific domain problem with cutting edge technology.”

GSF has invested a seed amount of $65,000 to $100,000 into each startup. The startups are currently working out of Gurgaon to refine their products and are being guided by mentors. This month, these five startups will head to San Francisco and Tokyo to gain exposure to tech ecosystems outside of India.

Here is a sneak-peak at the five startups

YellowAnt: An intelligent bot assistant that connects with all your workplace apps. YellowAnt gives you a 360-degree view of your work and lets you take quick actions across your apps in a simple and easy way.

YellowAnt can currently help you stay on top of over 15 of your favourite apps, including Gmail, Calendar, Github, Bitbucket, Trello and Freshdesk. The YellowAnt bot is available as a bot on Slack and will be coming to Skype and Facebook next year.

YellowAnt: It offers AI-driven conversational chatbots as a service for hotels and restaurants. This Gurgaon-based team of six builds chatbots to help hotels increase direct bookings and reduce customer support costs with the intelligent AI bot. The founders come with deep hospitality and technology backgrounds, having built and sold startups in the US and India.

Silversparro: Silversparro has created a smart OCR solution using Deep Learning Technology. Silversparro is helping businesses automate their manual processes using AI, saving them time and money.

Breathe Well-being: Breathe Well-being inspires a cultural change at small and large organisations through a holistic well-being program based on complete mind and body aspects.

BW’s proprietary well-being program uses ramification and an integrated rewards platform to drive engagement and connectivity among the employees. Through a mobile app, the employees get to compete with each other on a variety of activities and track their personal health statistics. The employers can track the impact of the program through a proprietary index.

OroWealth: It is a zero-commission investment platform that offers unbiased, low-cost and good quality wealth management services to retail customers and financial intermediaries like banks, brokers, and wealth managers. Since its launch in January
2016, ORO has received over 3,000 registrations and has processed transactions worth
over INR 10 crore on its B2C platform.

ORO has also partnered with two large financial institutions to offer ORO’s automated wealth management tools to their customers.

Started in 2012, GSF has accelerated over 45 startups in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.


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