Marmeto – the tech backbone to major brands

Marmeto – the tech backbone to major brands
Marmeto – the tech backbone to major brands

Having powered the tech needs of some of the biggest domestic and international brands, Bengaluru-based Marmeto has come a long way in a short span. Bootstrapped with about Rs 10,000 in 2017,  the tech startup has grown into a team of over 50, all working remotely, and clocking revenue of up to USD 1 million a year.

Understanding the core of various businesses for enabling their e-commerce presence with solutions suited to their needs is the reason behind Marmeto’s success. Today, Marmeto is one of India’s leading tech enablers that has been serving over 500 top brands including Cred, Paypal, ITC, Epigamia, mCaffeine, Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals, MPL Sports, and many more. Operating 100% remotely with double the capacity since the onset of the pandemic, they’ve served numerous brands with their army of growth-driven ‘Marmetians’.

In July 2017, Shashwat Swaroop laid the foundation for Marmeto and was joined by college-friends-turned-partners Prabhat Prasad and Saurav soon after. Marmeto’s growth in the past 4 years has been completely organic and largely referral-based. They started their journey with the domestic market. To describe that experience, Shashwat quotes Steve Jobs – “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them. That’s why I don’t rely on market research. Our task is to read things that are not yet on the page.” Internalizing this, the trio believes that it is important to understand the business goals of a client to be able to synergize and create a future-proof tech solution that will transcend different stages of growth.

“Delivering professional solutions in a personal way” along with the aforementioned thought process has led to the expansion of this bootstrapped startup into a leader in India’s saturated e-commerce development market. As they turn 4 on July 1, Saurav shares, “We’ve come a long way from a team of 3 that worked around the clock to deliver the best output. One thing that hasn’t changed though is that we continue to prioritize client satisfaction. We owe it all to the ones who put their faith in us!”

In today’s times where tech is evolving faster than ever and the market volatility is making it difficult for companies to stay afloat, Marmeto is paving the way with innovation on Shopify. “Consistent innovation and solutions to fit the brand’s needs form the core of Marmeto. Without this, we’re just another web development company. As a part of our thorough quality check, we offer post-delivery support of up to 30 days to make sure that the integrations are seamless and in fact value additive in nature.” adds Prabhat.

By getting the business requirement converted into coding and offering on-time solutions, Marmeto has become the ultimate tech backbone to major brands seeking such solutions. One of their major success stories is Epigamia – a leading dairy product company. “When we started, the timing was a key for us. I remember once we had an issue with a website feature that was hampering functionality, which happened on a Saturday. Within 10 minutes, Saurav got the issue fixed for us. This was an extremely positive thing for us! The Marmeto team has exceeded our expectations and given us solutions that weren’t even in their scope of work”, says Shreyansh Mehta, Strategic Initiatives, Epigamia. A testament to their expertise, Marmeto launched Epigamia’s website soon after the onset of the pandemic solving their biggest pain point by developing a pin code checker solution at the highest level of the website. This improved the customer experience manifold, making it one of their biggest success stories.

Tech expertise is a part of Marmeto’s hygiene. But what really sets them apart is their ability to offer these solutions faster than their peers in the industry. Website is the most vital organ of an e-commerce brand’s presence and any mishaps need to be catered to on the highest level of priority and urgency.

Talking about one of the biggest evolving beauty brands “mCaffeine”, Marmeto helped the brand to mend a bridge between the tech and product. Marmeto has been catering to their needs for tech improvisations and optimizing their website for a better user experience. . Factoring scalability concerning growth in this process, helped support mCaffeine’s transition from a “startup” to a brand.

Vaishali Gupta, Head of Brand Marketing at mCaffeine says, “We’ve worked with partner agencies in the past but this has been the smoothest journey. They’ve been patient, and understanding and helped us understand tech the way no one did. It’s very rare to see that a services company is so particular on so many different levels.”

Marmeto’s services span from building successful e-commerce brands through growth-driven tech implementation to the simplest of consultations for a Shopify website. From defining audiences for creating a user-centric website that appeals to the target audience to end-to-end website development followed by Shopify POS development as well as app development, Marmeto covers the entire Tech Enablement Scope of Services.

Marmeto provides Shopify-centered tech solutions to clients across Beauty & Skin Care, Clothing & Accessories, Food & Drinks, Health & Personal Care, Home Decor & Kitchen, Mobile & Accessories, Kids brands, and so on.


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