Legaltech startup Legal Salah raised $1 million fund led by I2I Capitals

Legaltech startup Legal Salah raised $1 million fund led by I2I Capitals
Legaltech startup Legal Salah raised $1 million fund led by I2I Capitals

Set up in 2016, Legal Salah is a platform where one can seek legal and tax related advice, services and assistance in no time. The core team comprises CEO Subhash Jha, CFO Abhinit Kumar Singh, COO Sujit Jha, and CPO Tausif Warsi.

Legaltech startup, Legal Salah raised $1 million in a seed funding round led by I2I Capitals, a family fund that comprises angel investors.

In the Indian scenario of lengthy legal proceedings and woefully inadequate business professionals, Legal Salah is a paramount breakthrough. The company aims for excluding the mediators from between the disadvantaged and the professional and saving the time of former whilst the procedure. The Company came up with the idea of Legal Salah- an online legal advisory portal, after looking at the faulty and often pleonectic opinions of the lawyer and accountants. Thereby the motive of the firm is to provide hassle free online legal , tax , compliance support to startups and SME who have limited budget during the initial days of Business . Company sole aim and objective is to provide value the money of the complainant and thus objective completion in a way that benefits them the best. Another intent is of eradication of mouth reference and replacing it with the expert opinions of professionals who not just guarantee confidentiality of the query but also respond to it within 24 hours of asking hence saving the time of the user. There is also a provision for refund in case the inquisitor is not satisfied with the assessment provided, which is a breath of fresh air in the Indian legal scenario. The highlights of the company being the quality of work provided, easy legal accessibility and timely deliverables. with den of 2500 + Experts like Lawyer , Charted Accountant , Company Secretary , Cost Accountant and Business Consultants dedicated itself to provide Free Preliminary legal and tax advice through its mail having problem in legal , tax or compliance within 2 hours of posting question.

They also provide startups and small medium Enterprise easy way to start their business by incorporating private limited company anywhere in India , along with necessary tax license at reasonable cost in just 15-20 working days.

Brand name is a face of any big and small company and hence protecting its brand has to be in the priority list of any entity. in this quest help startup and SME to first understand the protection pattern applicable for their company and subsequently adopt it in order to safeguard their Brand from the competitors. renders TRADEMARK , COPYRIGHT and PATENT services allover India in reasonable cost with timely deliverable.

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Legal Salah is bringing the provision of imparting value based legal and consultancy services to the user. It aims to reconstruct the substructure of Indian legal and consultancy services, which currently more accessible to the affluent class of the society, by constituting a system which provides for a locus where startup and small medium enterprise can avail legal , tax and compliance service without paying out hefty amount to regular lawyer and ca and get their similar work done in half of the amount . main motive is to provide user full transpierces of their work and hence “TRACK ORDER SYSTEM” has been incorporated by the management where user without any hassle can track their work progress and be satisfied about their working status . will soon launch home and office document pickup and delivery service firstly in few cities to provide quality experience to our customer. Legal Salah has come with the motive of relieving people of their aggravation and work at grass root level for creating a legally aware world.


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