Email Hosting Provider Letter is now supercharged with Ryzen

Letter is now supercharged with Ryzen
Letter is now supercharged with Ryzen

Letter is a modern, private and Ad-free Email Hosting Provider with business features announcedthat the most secure and private mail hosting service that they offer has moved to massively upgraded servers that are equally robust and extremely POWERFUL. Letter now gets its power from AMD’s flagship Ryzen 5950X processor, which is currently the fastest desktop and workstation processor that is offered by team RED. It is a 16 Core, 32 thread behemoth that is paired with the equally fast 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM and Samsung’s industry leading NVMe SSDs. The connectivity has also improved as each server now gets its own dedicated 10 Gigabit network connection.

What do the upgrades mean for us and you?

While the CPU and RAM upgrades are one side of the story, the major performance boost comes in the form of the new upgraded NVMe SSDs by Samsung. One of the drawbacks of the previous servers we used was that it used Enterprise Class Hard Drives running ZFS file system for operations. While that was fine for the most part, we quickly identified that moving to a faster storage solution is necessary if we are to improve and expand our services. Nobody likes to wait around for data to load. This is why SSDs, especially NVMe SSDs are a far superior mode of storage as it has much lower access latency and extremely fast write times. This translates to tangible real-world performance improvement for you as well as us and if you have been using our services, you should definitely feel the upgrade from the new NVMe SSD based storage solution.

Now coming to the rest of the system upgrades, the monstrous Ryzen 9 5950X should allow us a lot more headroom when it comes to running services simultaneously like virtual machines, microservices and other backend operations. We can handle more data and the extra cores should allow us to offer more services in the future.

Also because of the new 10 Gigabit connections, the latency should be drastically reduced, even at times of peak load.

Mr. Sunit Nandi, Founder of Letter on the upgrade said, “We at Techno FAQ Digital Media are big computer nerds and we love computers of all shapes and sizes. That being said, we especially love using computers with a lot of power and this is exactly what you will be experiencing as well.”


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