Video: Elon Musk’s 4 predictions about the future of humanity

Musk is of an opinion that in probably 10 years, cars that are not fully autonomous will be unusual.

Elon Musk does not need an introduction. This South African-born entrepreneur is the Founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, and is one of the most popular entrepreneurs in the world.

Musk recently visited Dubai to launch Tesla in the UAE at the World Government Summit. In an interview, he talked about robotics, autonomous vehicles, AI, etc.

Below are the four most notable predictions made by him at the event.

1- Autonomous cars 

Musk’s Tesla Motors is already in the mid of launching it autonomous vehicle. Google has already piloted the project and is expected to roll it out in the near future. We know that noted startup leaders like Mahesh Murthy and Vijay Sekhar Sharma from India have already pre-booked Tesla cars, which are priced at around INR 35 lakh.  It is expected to hit the Indian streets in a few months. Singapore has already witnessed the roll-out of nuTonomy, a driverless car.

Musk is of an opinion that in probably 10 years, cars that are not fully autonomous will be unusual.

2 – Universal basic income

Musk said that with the robots expected to become norm in a a few years down the line, it will lead to massive job losses. As a result of autonomy across industries, the output of output of goods and services will be extremely high, and everything will get very cheap. So a universal basic income is necessary to solve the problem of job losses.

3- Humans beings and digital intelligence

Humans beings can communicate by typing with their fingers at about 10 bits per second, while computers can communicate at “a trillion bits per second,” Musk said. The human brain will need to combine with technology to keep up.

4- Underground cities.

The solution for overcrowding in cities is a network of tunnels under cities. But there is a challenge as to how will you build tunnels quickly, at low-cost, with high safety? So if tunneling technology could be improved so you could build tunnels fast, cheap, and safe, then that could completely get rid of any traffic situations in cities.”

Musk also repeated opinions he’s given in the past about the dangers of artificial intelligence and the likelihood our world is a simulation.

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