Battery Tech startup Log9 Joins Hands with EV Gravton Motors

Log9 Materials and Gravton
Log9 Materials and Gravton

Bengaluru-based advanced battery technology and deep-technology start-up Log9 Materials has announced entering a strategic collaboration, initiated through a recently-signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), with Hyderabad-headquartered EV manufacturer Gravton Motors. The MOU will pave the way for a long-term partnership that would mainly encompass rolling out an electric bike manufactured by Gravton Motors and InstaCharged by Log9’s cutting-edge InstaCharge battery technology; this integrated model has been named ‘Gravton RapidEV’.

Notably, the Gravton RapidEV e-2W has been specifically designed and introduced to transform the last-mile logistics and delivery segment in India by bringing to the fore superior technology and advanced features to the market, which in turn can deliver superior profitability for the delivery-fleet operators of our country. Powered by Log9 batteries and a high-power motor, the Gravton RapidEV gets fully charged (from 0 to 100 percent) in 15 minutes, and offers a load carrying capacity of up to 250 kgs and gradeability of up to 22 degrees. In addition, it also comes with a long life of 10+ years, best-in-class safety, and proven reliability throughout the complete life of the vehicle, as well as a class-leading 5 years and unlimited kms warranty on both on the vehicle and its battery.

With its robust built and high stability, this Gravton Quanta model – an all-terrain EV – holds the distinction of having travelled from Kanyakumari to Khardung La successfully. Giving further impetus to Log9’s Responsible Delivery Movement, the Gravton RapidEV InstaCharged by Log9 will eventually go a long way in making deliveries greener and in reducing the carbon footprint of the last-mile logistics sector in India. Against typical electric 2Ws that may take up to 2.5 hours to charge — which technically leads to the delivery partner (end-user) losing out on an average of 3 to 4 deliveries per hour – the Gravton rapidEV will ensure that the delivery partners can stay on-the-go for the maximum amount of time, thereby increasing their opportunity for revenues and profitability enhancement while also in parallel enabling them to contribute towards sustainability and fighting climate change. 

Speaking about the collaboration, Kartik Hajela, Co-Founder & COO, Log9 Materials says, “We are pleased to partner with Gravton Motors for the integration of Log9’s battery packs and InstaCharge technology into the RapidEV 2Ws manufactured by them. As a Responsible Energy pioneer, we are confident that our InstaCharge batteries’ integration with the Indigenously built Gravton RapidEV e-bikes will provide the much-needed Power, Performance, and Peace of Mind for the B2B last-mile delivery sector and shall further help the cause of reducing operational costs as well as lowering emissions footprint for the delivery and logistics sector. Furthermore, it also provides a great value addition opportunity in the commercial EV space due to the long life, superfast charging, and superlative performance of the Gravton RapidEV.” 

Parshuram Paka, Founder& CEO, Gravton Motors says, “‘Gravton RapidEV is an impeccable all terrain EV model which is an outcome of the all-round efforts of Gravton Motor’s technical team. We are pleased to partner with Log9 in a bid to introduce fast-charging capabilities into this e-bike, which in turn is bound to take its utility and efficiency to a whole new level and also help delivery partners riding the bike to make more money per shift while making sustainable deliveries seamlessly.”

Gravton Motors makes electric bikes that are unconventional in thought, design, and performance, thereby helping India take a ride towards a sustainable future and facilitating urban commute to switch from fuel-run vehicles to clean and sustainable electric vehicles. On the other hand, Log9 has leveraged its cell-to-pack competency to develop its InstaCharge batteries for EVs that provide 9x faster charging, 9x better performance, and 9x battery life. Log9’s InstaCharge technology brings down the total charging time which further optimizes the utilization of charging infrastructure and operational profitability for fleets. In addition, Log9’s RapidX batteries are built to operate across -30° to 60° C and come with an operational life of 15,000+ cycles, thereby providing a seamless experience and entirely revolutionizing the last-mile logistics sector.


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