As IPL approaches finale, EloElo’s EPL sees a massive spike with 80 Million gameplays

As IPL approaches finale, EloElo’s EPL sees a massive spike with 80 Million gameplays
As IPL approaches finale, EloElo’s EPL sees a massive spike with 80 Million gameplays

Eloelo, influencer-led live streaming & social gaming platform, today announced that it has received a staggering 80 million+ gameplays on its EloElo Premier League, the Country’s largest live streaming gaming tournament, in just a month since the launch of the tournament. The company also expects the number of gameplays to cross 110 million by the end of the IPL.

The tournament, which started on April 17, has so far garnered over 80 million+ gameplays to date, with live streams maintaining over 1 Lakh concurrent users. The tournament is hosted daily by various Indian cricket commentators & content creators in parallel to IPL matches.

“Concurrency of multiple users is the biggest complexity for any live streaming platform. With EPL, we have successfully implemented synchronicity with a real-life event (Live IPL Match). User response to real-time prediction during a match, along with Live commentary on the app, was hard to achieve. The kind of scale we have achieved with EPL has created a lot of new opportunities for us to experiment and implement in future”, says Ankit Mishra – Head of Engineering at Eloelo.

EloElo Premier League is a ball prediction game where users can watch the live commentary on the app, predict what happens on the next ball & win exciting prizes.

Indian Premier League (IPL), being the largest sporting event in India, has a massive fan following, and the unique format of EPL has successfully created an online community of loyal fans celebrating the experience together in the Eloelo App. The company has seen a rise in engagement time, and interestingly, users tend to predict better with each new game.

“India has the potential to become the creator capital of the world, and It is crucial to create a robust infrastructure for providing the best in class live experience to the users. Live streaming as a new social format attracts users from diverse geographies and cultures. EPL is one such product launched by Eloelo to achieve this vision. Major developments are happening in this space, and a lot more initiatives are brewing at Eloelo”, said Saurabh Pandey, Founder & CEO of Eloelo.

The success of the EPL campaign can be seen as a positive reinforcement of bridging the gap between creator & user interactions. Eloelo has seen an unprecedented spike in its users in the past 2 months grossing over 3.5 Million overall users. The company sees that users are now creating deeper connections with their creators. Creating savvy and relatable content is upping the social game!


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