5 Best Monetization Platforms Using Blockchain

5 Best Monetization Platforms Using Blockchain
5 Best Monetization Platforms Using Blockchain

Blockchain, an autonomous, decentralized ledger for digital information, was one of the most revolutionary innovations of the past decade. It enables cryptocurrencies and NFTs and has the potential to transform various businesses and dependent sectors including payments, cybersecurity, and healthcare. Blockchain is causing a tidal wave of fundamental changes in financial sector systems as well. It will, among other things, ultimately remove a major chunk of the existing revenue assurance process, establish immutable transactions, and enable faster and simpler monetization of transactions through “smart contracts” and the simplified integration of diverse ecosystems.

Below are 5 platforms with varying approaches to monetization using the blockchain industry.

Gather Network : Reggie Raghav Jerath, CEO and Founder of Gather Network, established the platform with a primary goal in mind ,that is to fix the internet’s broken economic paradigm. Gather Network is a layer 1 blockchain with its own cryptocurrency, GTH. It builds an ecosystem by establishing a new monetisation strategy for content providers, allowing them to harness the idle processing power of their visitors with their explicit agreement to be supplied to corporations and businesses via Gather Cloud. Working towards an ad free internet with better user experience and much more satisfying & fair content monetization model for publishers,  the platform is a unique marketplace model that brings digital publishers and businesses together. All types of spare processing power goes into the system and are re-distributed & recalibrated according to the market’s need. Gather’s expertise in cloud computing and blockchain technology along with their specialty in combining new and existing technologies together are unlocking new revenue and cost saving opportunities for everyone.

Rooba Finance : Rooba is India’s first Institutional grade Crypto and Digital Asset management platform that provides military-grade security. Founded by Srinivas and Arjun Khazanchi, the company helps shorten the learning curve for the traditional financial operators. This helps them design, strategize, back test, and invest in multiple crypto assets across chains, defi protocols, otcs, and exchanges. Through their platform, institutions would be able to connect to any exchange in the world, any lending platform, De-fi or Ce-fi.  They enable a mechanism where large funds can be deployed safely and securely through our military grade wallet and secure network. This will allow institutions to participate in this growing space without any worries. Thereby, allowing investors to safely access returns which would be unheard of in the traditional finance world.

Unocoin : Unocoin: Founded by Sathvik Vishwanath Unocoin is a Bangalore based technology startup and the largest BTC-INR trading platform which enables Indians to sell, buy, store, use and accept bitcoin in a safe and secure set-up.It has been leading the industry since 2013 and allows freedom to gain access to real-time market data. This exchange is the most trusted crypto for trading in India. They offer the potential to business a variety of digital assets on safe and intuitive trading platforms and enables over-the-counter trade for bulk transactions. The Bitcoin trading platform has rolled out many initiatives starting with accessing a dozen gifting options across food, travel and lifestyle. The tech platform has been a major pioneer in securing the essential Fastag implementation along with introducing asset uniformity options with Crypto Basket. Unocoin offers people feasibility in making transactions through a simple app for Android and iOS, website and API.Unocoin continues to serve the crypto industry with higher volume trading on more than 50 assets.

Hyperlink Infosystem: Ahmedabad-based startup Hyperlink Infosystem was founded in 2011 by Harnil Oza. Started as a mobile app development company, Hyperlink Infosystem ventured into the blockchain, AI, and IoT space in 2019. Today, this B2B startup caters to the blockchain requirements of businesses by offering solutions such as cryptocurrency wallet, hyperledger blockchain development, private blockchain, Ethereum cryptocurrency and smart contracts. Over the years, Hyperlink Infosystem has expanded its footprints to the USA, UK, UAE, France and Canada regions. 

KrypC: Bengaluru-based KrypC was founded in 2016 by Ravi Jagannathan and Karthik Balasubramanian. The B2B company helps enterprises build, deploy and manage blockchain solutions. KrypC’s products include KrypCore Studio and V-Board Framework. KrypCore Studio is a low-code blockchain application development studio that helps enterprises translate their innovative use-cases into a blockchain solution. It accelerates their innovation by eliminating time-consuming, complicated and resource-intensive development processes and with minimal code.