10 incredible facts capturing the future of Internet video

10 incredible facts about the future of internet video
10 incredible facts about the future of internet video

Considering the pace at which the online video platforms are flourishing, the future of mass media would be shaped by videos. The majority of the millennials who are very active on social network do live video streaming.

Whether you are an individual interested in funny lip sync Dubmash video app or a busy corporate guy attending a video conference or virtual training session, you can’t do away with video when it comes to communication on the internet. Right from Youtube, Netflix, Periscope, Facebook Live, WhatsApp, Skype to Slideshare the list of video applications is endless.

Internet experts and digital communication specialists are vouching for video as the most effective communication medium. From startups to multi-national companies, a major share of their marketing budget is allotted for creating impressive explainer videos targeting both employees and prospective clients.

On this backdrop, here are the 10 incredible facts about the future of internet video:

  1. Three-fourth of the internet traffic will be video-centric
  2. Internet users consider Youtube as the second most popular search engine
  3. Facebook to have over 8 billion video views per day
  4. 80% of internet users recall a video advertisement they saw 30 days ago
  5. Including the word ‘video’ in the email subject line boosts the open rate by 19%
  6. When it comes to attention span, a higher proportion of viewers stick around to watch a 30-second online video, but they get distracted if the video duration is over 30-second
  7. Videos improve Twitter engagement by 28%
  8. By 2020, 7 trillion video footages are expected to be uploaded with mobile video increasing 11-fold, amounting to over 75% of the mobile data traffic
  9. The surge in smartphone penetration has resulted in the popularity of mobile videos. The mobile videos uploaded on Youtube increase by 100% every year
  10. Digital video is the new TV as Youtube alone reaching out to more viewers aged 18-49 years than any of the cable networks in the U.S

Internet videos are not a passing fad. Exciting new video features like live streaming videos, paid online video subscriptions, smartphone-based mobile gaming, virtual reality and augmented reality all put together will take the internet video viewing to the next level in the near future.


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