Indian startup Broadcast Wearables launches fitness-tracking T-shirt


Named Sygnal, the T-shirt pairs up with an app to tell you exactly the number of steps you’ve walked, floors climbed, and calories burnt

Sygnal T-shirt from Broadcast Wearables
Sygnal T-shirt from Broadcast Wearables

Hyderabad-based tech startup, Broadcast Wearables, has rolled out a fitness-tracking -T-shirt that tells you the number of steps you’ve taken, floors climbed, and calories burnt. It also provides navigations.

The startup recently came up with a clothing line, where you can display the number of Likes your Facebook page has (that updates itself in real-time).

“The world is moving fast, and technology is moving faster. Up until 5 years ago, we were busy gushing over how amazing 5 MP cameras were on smartphones. And today, we have gadgets that can tell us practically everything about our daily lives (and can be worn) — from how fit we are, to what stuff is in whatever it is that we eat, to flying robots, to moving around on automatic wheels unsupported,” Broadcast Wearables Founder Ayyappa Nagubandi tells me.

“In a world that is becoming increasingly aware, we have come up with an unprecedented clothing line. Christened Sygnal Fitness T-shirt, this is not like anything you’ve ever owned before. It pairs up with an app to tell you exactly the number of steps you’ve walked, floors climbed, and the amount of calories burnt. Additionally, it also helps you navigate in and around town without having to resort to maps or the navigation on your phone. It will simply vibrate on the shoulder to tell you the direction you should be going in,” he adds.

Sygnal is water-proof and washable as well. If your T-shirt gets dirty, just chuck it into the washing machine, and the electronics will not be damaged in any way. “Sygnal’s battery lasts for a whopping x days! This means, recharging the battery will be the last thing on your mind,” Ayyappa added.


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